Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ark- A Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

ARK is one of a crypto on its way. It's not any coin which don't have any specific objectives and is not any of the duplicates.

Earlier, we saw every month ICOs of project which aimed to be the next Bitcoin or so. There were hundreds of such crypto which have failed.
The main reason of their failure is that, they cannot become the next Bitcoin as such, they need to have a proper mission, innovative ideas.

There should some advantage of using a crypto over Bitcoin, to make some Bitcoin users shift on a crypto.

ARK is not just a cryptocurrency, it's an ecosystem in itself. It is aiming to unite all the crypto users of any crypto into a common platform.

Ark aims at building Smart connections between different blockchains, to integrate everything into a common platform.
This technology is known as Smartbridge Technology. This technology is being introduced for the first time in this industry. It is used to communicate between blockchains, give commands from one blockchain to other.

The simplest application of this technology is to instruct Ethereum to send payments.

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ARK is currently running an ICO. You can invest into Ark and secure a share ark tokens.

In the ICO, coins named Ark are being given to the investors. The number of Ark you get are proportional to the investment make. You can make investment in ARK through cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin and Lisk. You can also invest other cryptocurrencies through Shapeshift.

In total, there would exist 125 million ark. Out of which, 75% ,i.e.- 97.5 million ark are being given through the ICO.
The rest goes to various other things like development team, Bounty, escrow, etc.

Ark would be a tradable cryptocurrency on various exchanges. Trading would start after the main net launched in 2017.
Currently, test net has been launched. You can use the test net on Android, and windows wallet.

Only a few days are remaining for the ICO to get over.

Invest in it Now- https://tec.ark.io/

Website- https://ark.io

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